A Wild Perspective

We still have to add credits before we can submit this for grants, but I believe we are working on something amazing.

Photo Radar

Written by Kevin Albus. Was a treat to shoot and put this one together. Managed to be the most successful video on my YouTube channel.

Not Helping

Worked with Scott Porteus to create a PSA and mini documentary.

WEM Chase

Created for Flaman Fitness Charity Gala.

Perfect Illusion

A music video shot in the jam space of Tomb and the Dead Language.

BioWorn Out

Worked with Nick McQuik and edited these two episodes for a potential series.
Episode Two:

Episode Three:

Rig Hand

A segment from an interview with the owner of Big Rig Distillery. Their name has since changed to Rig Hand.

Binge Drinking

Worked with Galen Winter Elliott Pendleton and James Ross to create an Infomercial/Public Service Announcement.